September 9-10, 2019

The 3rd Animine Academy


9 and 10 September 2019


Maffliers, France
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EAAP and Animine are pleased to announce the 3rd Animine Academy

Animine Academy, the most value-added workshop format!

  • High quality presentations: only 6 renowned scientists are invited. You can expect to learn robust messages from specialists in their own fields of expertise.
  • Long & lively discussions: each 45 minutes talk is followed by 45 minutes of discussion with the audience. This is a unique opportunity to get direct answers from well respected researchers.

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Animine is a global supplier of value-added sources of trace elements for animal nutrition. Two products are now available: HiZox®, a potentiated source of zinc oxide and CoRouge®, a source of dicopper oxide, newly authorized in Europe.
These innovative feed additives offer the following benefits: highest metal concentrations (75%), excellent physical properties, low levels of undesirable substances, high bioavailability and improve intestinal health. CoRouge® and HiZox® are tested on pigs, poultry, ruminants and fishes by renowned Universities all around the world.


The European Federation for Animal Science or EAAP is an international non-governmental organization which aims to improve the knowledge and the dissemination of research results of domestic animals farming. Membership is open to scientists, animal breeders, and administrators. The main objective of the association is to: "promote the improvement, organization and enlightened practice of animal production by scientific research, the application of science and co-operation between the national animal production organizations, scientists and practitioners of member countries".

Conference Program

Day 1: Monday 09 Sept 2019


Daniel Brugger

Assessment of macro and micro minerals: digestibility vs bioavailability

Discussion / Q&A

Coffee Break

Gretchen Hill

Trace Minerals in Swine Diets in the USA — Present and Future

Discussion / Q&A


Lisbeth Shooter

Reduction of zinc oxide in piglet diets: the Danish experience

Discussion / Q&A

Coffee Break

Kevin Waldron

Nutritional immunity at the pathogen/host interface

Discussion / Q&A

Day 2: Tuesday 10 Sept 2019

Kristian Koefoed Brandt

Bacterial resistance in the animal/soil/human chain

Discussion / Q&A

Coffee Break

Hans Blonk

Life cycle analysis of animal feeds

Discussion / Q&A


Presentations from the Third Animine Academy

Assessment of macro and micro minerals: digestibility vs. bioavailability
Daniel Brugger / Technical University of Munich, Germany

Trace Minerals in Swine Diets in the USA: Present and Future
Gretchen Hill / Michigan State University, USA

Reduction of zinc oxide in piglet diets: The Danish experience
Lisbeth Shooter / SEGES Pig Research Centre, Denmark

Nutritional immunity at the pathogen/host interface
Kevin Waldron / Newcastle University, UK

Bacterial resistance in the animal/soil/human chain
Kristian Koefoed Brandt / University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Life cycle analysis of animal feeds
Hans Blonk / Blonk Consultants, The Netherlands

Social events / and visits around Chantilly

Image © Chateau de Maffliers

Monday evening 9 Sept

A Gourmet Dinner will be served at the Chateau de Maffliers. Your taste buds will be amazed thanks to the typical French cuisine cooked by a master Chef.

Image © Chateau de Chantilly

Tuesday afternoon 10 Sept

A guided tour of the Chateau de Chantilly will be available for those who are interested. A true sanctuary for art, the Château de Chantilly was built in the 17th century. It owns the second largest collection of classic paintings, a library of rare books, beautiful gardens built by Le Nôtre and the world’s biggest stables.

What to visit around Chantilly?

You will enjoy being on a French and worldwide known landscape close to Paris. Chantilly’s history, beauty & diversity of its heritage benefits from a worldwide reputation.

  • The «Potager des Princes»: you will be able to discover terraces and gardens from all over the world, and the unique Museum of farmyard animals.
  • The «Manse Pavilion»: the prince’s mill and its house of hydraulic machine. These machines used to water the castle gardens from 1678 and to supply drinking water to the city.
  • Chantilly Lace: handmade and worldwide known, Chantilly black silk collections pieces are exposed at the Lace Museum.
  • Ponds of Commelles: amazing protected flora and fauna, these 4 ponds are one of the most remarkable places in Chantilly forest.
  • Training Center and Racing Stables: be part of the racehorses and equestrian world for a moment by visiting the training center, the racing stable or the race track on a race day. (all visits on schedule)


The conference will be held in Chateau de Maffliers, an enchanting place surrounded by Chantilly Forest.

Shuttles will be organized from Charles de Gaulle international airport and Gare Montsoult-Maffliers train station. More detailed information will be released soon.

Event Location

Novotel Château de Maffliers
allée des Marronniers

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